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The Wright Stuff (25 June, 2012) Part 2

First up: Should we drop housing benefits for the under 25s? David Cameron reckons it could save us £2bn a year and teach young people that they’re not entitled to help, and teach them the value of getting
a job. But what about young single-mums, or those who can’t find work? Isn’t the point of benefits to help those in need, no matter how old they are?

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Drama – Kicking the Air (2012) [Audio]

Facing deportation from the UK, a young Iranian student, Reza Mostafai, claims asylum on the grounds that he is gay, fearing for his safety if he is returned to his homeland. With the help of his barrister Fiona and best friend Lulu, Reza must try and find a way to prove his sexuality in time to halt his removal. Can they find someone to come forward to testify to the truth of Reza’s claim?