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Kylie the Carnival Fairy [Audio]

Kylie the carnival fairy has got her work cut out. Jack Frost & his goblins have stolen the three magic batons that control the Rainspell Island Summer Carnival. He’s planning on spoiling the grand parade, the ferris wheel & the firework finale. Kylie needs Rachel & Kirsty’s help to get the batons back.

Stella the Star Fairy [Audio]

Stella the Star Fairy is trying to put the sparkle into Christmas by looking after all the special Christmas lights. Three magic baubles control the lights and when they’re stolen by Jack Frost’s goblins, there will be no Christmas atmosphere. Stella must get them back.

Paige the Pantomime Fairy [Audio]

Paige the pantomime fairy is in trouble. She needs the help of Rachel and Kirsty in order to save Christmas and stop naughty Jack Frost from spoiling the celebrations.

Holly the Christmas Fairy [Audio]

There’s trouble in Fairyland again! Jack Frost is up to his old tricks. This time, he has stolen Santa’s sleigh. There were three special gifts onboard. Without them, Christmas could be ruined!